Offer to purchase!GoPro Lens Hoody

Thank you for your interest in my Hoody!!

All of these products are handmade.  Great care is taken in production, but please understand there are some tolerances between each product as they are hand made. 
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対応機種 : HERO3, HERO3+, HERO4
Compatible : HERO3, HERO3+, HERO4
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A-type [for 16:9 view] (Wide, Medium,Narrow) Weight:1.3g

[button color=”#COLOR_CODE” background=”#COLOR_CODE” size=”medium” src=”#order”]A-Type : 1500Yen($15.00)[/button]
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B-type [for 4:3view] (4:3, SuperView, 1440, 960) Weight:1.1g
[button color=”#COLOR_CODE” background=”#COLOR_CODE” size=”medium” src=”#order”]B-Type : SOLD OUT 1500Yen($15.00)[/button]
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A,B-type set
[button color=”#COLOR_CODE” background=”#COLOR_CODE” size=”medium” src=”#order”]Set : SOLD OUT 2700Yen($26.00)[/button]
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定形外郵便: 送料無料
Free shipping within Japan.
Shipping fee is required for shipping out of Japan, please contact me to calculate your shipping cost.

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Please let me know the following information if you wish to purchase these products.
I will replay as soon as possible.

  • お名前
    Your Name.
  • Eメールアドレス
    Email Addresses.
  • ご希望の商品名(A/B/Set)、個数
    Product and how many do you want to purchase.
  • 送付先ご住所
    Shipping Address.
  • ご質問等
    Any other questions.